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Student Visa Requirements for UK

Student Visa Requirements for UK

Many students from around the world need a student visa to study in the UK. The student visa will allow you to live and study in the UK throughout your course. If you are planning to study in the UK, your UK student visa requirements will depend on from where you are coming from and as well as the type, of course, you are enrolling in. To apply for UK student visa, you will first need to be accepted onto a course.

Types of Student Visas

Short-term study visas are for those students who want to join courses that are for six months long or English language courses that are for 11 months in duration. This visa is valid for short period courses and undertaking research as part of a degree if you are studying overseas. The length of this UK student visa cannot exceed the length of your course and is conditional on being offered a place on a course at a licensed place of study and have to show that you can support yourself during the course without working.

This student visa is required for the courses for longer than 6 months. You can apply for the visa from inside or outside the UK provided you have been offered a place on a course, can understand English to a level appropriate for the course and are able to support yourself financially for the duration of the course.

Work in the UK on a study visa?
You can work on a UK student visa if you have a Tier 4 (general) student visa You are not allowed to work on a Short-term study visa.
Depending on your course level and where you are studying you can take up most forms of employment on Tier 4 (general) student visa.
The applicant can work on Tier 4 (child) student visa if you are aged 16 or over. The applicant can work for up to 10 hours per week during term time and full-time during vacations. You are also allowed to take work placement as part of your course.

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