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New Zealand Skilled Migrant Category Resident Visa | How to Get this Resident visa

New Zealand Skilled Migrant Category Visa

Skilled Migrant Category Visa

Planning to move to New Zealand and looking to work and live there? New Zealand is a perfect destination for skilled workers as it is one of the prime employment markets in the world. Survey says people working and living in New Zealand has a higher work and life satisfaction. Given the beautiful environment and living conditions, New Zealand rate of living satisfaction is better compared to other countries.

New Zealand provides security, quality in the environment, housing healthcare and education as well as jobs and salaries. It particularly scored high in the healthcare sector. In addition to that, New Zealand has the most ideal demographic location and a good ground for career stability. Survey says, people in New Zealand with ages 15 to 64 have jobs and is 8% higher than the average of 65%.

How To Get a Skilled Migrant Category Visa

If you are wanting to get a job and work in New Zealand, you will be needing a New Zealand Skilled Migrant Visa. This type of visa has specific requirements and applicants have to meet certain requirements, such as:

  • Age – You have to be under 55 years old
  • Health Condition – You must have a good and clean health condition, free of any infectious disease
  • Character – Has a good character and no criminal record
  • Language – Has a strong efficiency in the English Language

New Zealand Permanent Residency Through Skilled Migration

New Zealand consistently needing highly skilled workers from all over the world to contribute to their growing economy. New Zealand is filling up the gaps in their Labour Market. Occupations such as “>doctors, surgeon, general practitioner, radiologist, x-ray technician, radio technician, lab technician, biologist pharmacists, chemist, geologist, hr managers, hr executive, marketing manager, marketings specialist, operations, manager, general manager, shipping manager, graphic designer, teachers, lecturers, professor, physiotherapist, CEO, director, managing director, investor, Food Engineer, Manufacturing Engineer, Oil and Gas Engineer, Forestry Engineer, Plastics Engineer, Industrial Engineer, Civil Engineer, Mining Engineer and a lot more.

Contact Sync Visas to know if your occupation is listed in the New Zealand Skilled Migration Program for Permanent Residency.


If you think you qualify for the above requirements, you may apply for a New Zealand Skilled Migrant Visa with a complete EOI or the Expression of Interest. You may call one of our Immigration Manager to guide you on how to go about the New Zealand Visa Application processes and requirements. Immigrate to New Zealand with the help of our New Zealand Immigration Consultant. Learn more about how to get a Skilled Migration Visa or Working Visa to New Zealand. There are in demand occupations needed in the country including Marine Engineer jobs in New Zealand as well as nurses, doctors, teachers and more.

For Immigration Expert advice and correct guidance in your visa application, call Sync Visas headquarters in Dubai and start the process with a Free Visa Assessment. You may also fill out the Online Free Visa Assessment and wait for one of our Immigration Consultants to contact you within 24 hours.

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