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Portugal Golden Investor Visa | Sync Visas | Free Visa Assessment

Portugal Golden Investor Visa

Portugal Golden Investor VisaThe Golden Residence Permit Program has been developed by the Portuguese Ministry of Foreign Affairs in October 2012 to promote foreign investment and to provide opportunities for non EU citizens to live and travel within a secure and stable EU country.

By investing in Portugal either via

* transferring capital,

* creating jobs or

* acquiring real estate

You would be eligible for a Five Year Residence Permit that allows its holders to work, live, study and travel visa free in Schengen countries. Additionally, and subject to simple conditions, a Portuguese citizenship and passport may be granted after 6 years of permanent residency in Portugal.


ONE of the following investments:

  • A Property investment – A 5 year Real Estate Investment of more than EUR 500,000 in total is required
  • A Property investment – a 5 year Real Estate Investment of EUR350,000 for Urban Rehabilitation
  • A Capital investment – The transfer of funds of more than EUR 1 million (including investments in a company’s stock and shares)
  • Investment funds of a minimum of EUR500,00 for the Capitalization of SMEs
  • Investment of a minimum EUR350,000 in Research Activities Part of The National Scientific and Technological System
  • EUR250,000 Investment in Artistic Production or National Heritage
  • Job creation – creation of a minimum of 10 jobs

After 5 years of investing in real estate, you would be able to sell your property and take your deposit back.

At Sync Visas we have excellent local knowledge and excellent schemes ready whereby investors can purchase real estate for 350,000 Euros and earn 7% ROI per year and after 5 years sell their investment at a profit!


The application process for a Residence Permit is straightforward and begins with an application for a Schengen Visa. An applicant is required to submit evidence to the SEF (Ministry of Internal Administration through the Immigration and Border Service).

The review and processing time is currently reported to be around 1-2 weeks.

Fill out the Free Assessment Form to request for a Free Consultation. One of our Immigration Agents will get back to you in 24 hours.

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