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Portugal Entrepreneur Visa - Sync Visas

Portugal Entrepreneur Visa

Portugal Entrepreneur Visa

Portugal Entrepreneur Visa

Portugal offers a fantastic route to a residence permit and permanent residency by setting up a Business in Portugal, your business can either be physical or online. Capital requirements can be as small as 1000 Euros. Residency is normally acquired with 6 months of arriving in Portugal and you can include your family members.

This route is available to:

* Skilled professionals looking to set up a low-cost online company,

* A businessman looking to open a small business, franchise, office, cafe or

* Professionals looking to remain in Portugal as self-employed entities.

This program is diverse with no capital or minimum investment requirements and hence is suitable for a wide range of applicants, from those with large capital reserves to those with more modest savings.

Portugal is very welcoming to a range of skills and occupations. This route has many benefits including:

* Open to all, not solely business people

* No need to reside in Portugal throughout the entire 6 month processing period

* Expedited process compared to the freelance “open work and residency permit

* Gain permanent residency permit in Portugal after 5 years

* Obtain a Portugal Passport and European Passport allowing you to live and work anywhere in Europe after 6 years.

This is surely a great route to Permanent Residency and a European Passport for you and your family!

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