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Jobs in New Zealand | Get Free Visa Assessment Now

Jobs in New Zealand

Jobs in New Zealand

More and more people from all over the world are migrating to New Zealand, but the question that needs to be asked is: are there jobs in New Zealand? If you are considering making the big move to New Zealand, the very first thing on most people’s minds is: “will I find a job in New Zealand?”

Although there are never any guarantees and nobody can ever guarantee you a job, it is going to be worth your while to learn everything you can about the job market in New Zealand.

Here you will find some helpful information about jobs in New Zealand, in addition to the job market itself.

Is it a good time to be searching for jobs in New Zealand?

The truth is that New Zealand’s employment market has never been better. Now is definitely a good time to start searching for jobs in the country, especially if you have the right skills. Since the global crisis, New Zealand’s job market has been going from strength to strength and is continuing to do so.

There are in fact many openings for specialists in various industries as well as various jobs available for skilled workers.

Are there many people from abroad working in New Zealand?

Yes, there are many people from all over the world living and working in New Zealand at this current point in time. Skilled migration accumulates for a big portion of the immigrants who arrive in New Zealand. One of the many reasons for this is due to the factor that New Zealand has a strong desire to attract skilled migrants from all over the world.

The GDP of New Zealand would actually suffer greatly if it did not have the correct amount of skilled migrants. A three year target has been agreed to and the amount of skilled migrants, which New Zealand needs to attract, is currently 150.000.

How do I know if I qualify under the skilled migrant’s category?

Fortunately for many people New Zealand offers a skilled migrants visa. Anybody can obtain this visa provided that they meet the right set of criteria’s and requirements. The criteria’s and requirements which you will need to meet are judged by means of a point scoring assessment.

What influences employment opportunities in New Zealand?

All the major metropolitan areas in New Zealand are currently experiencing sufficient economic growth, one of the biggest areas this applies to be Auckland, which is one of the busiest metropolitan areas in the country. The agriculture sector is doing well after the drought that took place in 2013 and therefore skilled workers are in demand.

The demand for highly skilled workers is continuously increasing. In general unemployment is lower in the South Island regions of New Zealand as opposed to the North. This is all in addition to the Canterbury rebuild which is constantly improving, that has created a demand for people who work within the construction and related industries.

What skills are in demand in New Zealand?

The good news is that if you are fortunate enough to be offered a job in New Zealand, which happens to be on the skills shortage list and you have the experience in conjunction with the qualification to match, then obtaining a working visa will prove to be naturally easier.

The New Zealand government has identified and acknowledged that employers in the country are required to recruit employees from abroad in order to meet the demands and needs of the skill shortages.

Some of the many skills in demand include: education, health, finance and more. However it is important to understand there are distinct categories of skill shortages. For example, there are skills which cover long term shortages, others which cover immediate shortages and others which cover Canterbury shortages.

What if my skills are not on the skills shortage list?

If your skills are not on the skills shortage list, do not despair as all hope is not lost. There are other avenues to explore and other ways to obtain a visa. For example, you could potentially be able to apply for residency as a skilled migrant.

Alternatively you may be able to apply for a work visa if you are successfully offered a job by a prospective employer who is unable to find local workers to fit the current job post.

What can I expect for the future of employment in New Zealand?

Although it is fairly impossible to accurately predict the future, the good news is that employment expectations for 2016 in New Zealand are looking very promising. Firstly the unemployment rate is expected to keep going down at a steady pace. By March 2016 it is safely estimated that unemployment in New Zealand will be falling below 5 percent.

There is a high expectation for skilled workers. In addition to lower skilled workers, it is predicted that there will be substantial demand in the food processing, accommodation, agriculture, construction and retailing industries.

It is further predicted that employment growth will be its strongest in the Auckland and Canterbury regions of the country.

If I want to work in New Zealand what should I do?

Even if you have a skill set which is in demand, it is important to be aware of the factor that this does not guarantee you employment in New Zealand. Although having a good skill set is a good place to start, it is still highly recommended that you obtain an assessment from a licensed New Zealand immigration advisor.

Obtaining an assessment is the best place to start because you will be able to see once and for all if you indeed qualify or not. The process of finding adequate employment can be deemed to have started from the moment that you conduct your first point based assessment.

Many people spend endless amounts of time and money making arrangements to move to New Zealand, prior to having an assessment done. In order to save money, time and energy it is always going to be fully worth your while to obtain an assessment by a fully licensed New Zealand immigration advisor.

Booking an assessment or finding out more:

If you would like to find out more about our services or book an assessment with us simply call us on +971 4 514 8289. If you prefer, you could instead send us an Email: Info@syncvisas.com


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