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Immigration Program For International Students - Atlantic Canada

Immigration Program For International Students – Atlantic Canada

Immigration Program For International Students – Atlantic Canada

Canada’s Atlantic region is located on the east coast of the country, with all provinces bordering the Atlantic Ocean. This region is known for its marine beauty, but slower economies and smaller populations make it difficult for the region to attract more immigrants than Canada’s major cities, like Toronto and Vancouver. The Atlantic International Graduate Program (AIGP) is a one of the way for immigration or the method for international graduates of eligible educational institutions in Atlantic Canada.

This program allows graduates students to submit an application for the permanent residence without having the work experience.
Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (AIPP) includes The AIGP as its part.The candidates those are eligible with a job offer from Atlantic Canada employer can submit an application for Canadian permanent residence to become a permanent resident of Canada.
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To apply for the Atlantic International Graduate Program, you must:
1. Have a job offer that meets basic requirements
2. Prove that you meet eligibility requirements
3. Completely fill out the application and submit it.
If you don’t have a job offer, you can still gather the required documents and information to apply for :
The Job Offer
Eligibility requirements
You must have at least a 2-year degree, diploma, certificate from a recognized university in an Atlantic province
• Must be graduated from the institution in the 12 months before we receive your permanent resident application
You Should be full-time student in university for at least two years.
• You can stay in one of the Atlantic provinces for at least 16 months in the 2 years before getting your degree, diploma or educational credential.
• You had the visa or permit you needed to work, study or train in Canada

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