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Denmark Skilled immigration visa | How to apply for a Denmark skilled migration visa

Denmark Visas Skilled Migration Visa

Denmark Visas Skilled Migration VisaDenmark Skilled Migration Visa

Denmark is popularly known as the world’s happiest country and is the land of majestic mountains and land of vikings. If you are planning to work and live in Denmark and you are a skilled worker, you can be qualified to apply for a Work Visa or the Denmark Skilled Migration Visa and get a chance to work and live with your family in Denmark.

Denmark Skilled Migration Visa will allow visa holders to migrate and live in Denmark permanently. You can work in a private or public sector.


Denmark has issues some requirements for you to be eligible for the Skilled Migration Visa. Denmark also has provided a list of all jobs in demand and this is a great news for all professionals and skilled worker who are in the list. You will acquire an extra points if you are in the occupation list. The Skilled Migration Visa is using a point system where they calculate points based on your work experience, educational background and other qualifications.

In addition to the work and education requirements, you will also be required to be English language skills proficient and must be inclusive in the age required for the job you are obtaining.

Applicant must start the process of Denmark Skilled Visas by requesting your University of school a confirmation letter proving that you have studied in their institution and obtained your masters or bachelors in that particular school.

next is to complete an English or Danish Language exam for obtain points for the language. After that, your application will be submitted directly to the local Danish Consulate with the correctly filled out form and other supporting documents. If you are not sure how to begin and where to go, you may call one of our Denmark Immigration Specialist and get assessed and assisted on your Denmark Visa Application, hassle-free. Start your process and obtain your dream, to work and live permanently in Denmark.

Danish Green Card Scheme Visa

Danish Migration Programme is made specifically to target skilled foreign migrants who have skills or outstanding qualification that can contribute to the Denmark’s economy.

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