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Moving to Spain is a dream come true, but there are a lot of documents to complete and you should expect to spend several days registering with a variety of offices. Always keep copies of your documents and ID on you, even if the offices should have them as well. Also keep in mind that bureaucracy in Spain can be a bit relaxed, so bring your patience.

Ali Zahid

We moved to Vancouver Island in Canada fifteen years ago.While it may be hard to believe, traffic jams in Vancouver are worse than in Los Angeles. Unless you can walk to work, be prepared to spend an extra 11 days a year in gridlock.

Saqib Sayed

Last year I moved to Manchester.It is beautiful place to live. When it comes to paying for the essentials, such as electricity, gas, water etc. Manchester is a little more expensive.

Nabeel Anjum

The traffic in Portugal is considerably less than in northern European countries, except in the large cities where traffic jams at peak hours are bad.Portuguese drivers are keen to drive fast and impatient to overtake. This causes numerous accidents, so caution is advised.

Imran Khurshid

I lived in Paris for ten years. It’s an incredibly rich city. Paris combines extreme expense with a rather low standard of living. Unless you are very wealthy, you will find it difficult to live there comfortably and moreover it is polluted, noisy and crowded.

Selvam Saeed

I’ve been in France for 7 years now.Many staples in France, such as fuel, food and clothes, are very expensive. Value added tax is applied to most goods and services, which is quite high.

Farhan Wijesena

I love living in Italy because I am passionate about culture and history and art. Italy has the best cuisine and coffee but it has limited resources, so, while you pay less for things ‘Made in Italy’, you pay more for everything they have to import. Resources like fuel, gas and electricity are expensive and limited.

Khurram Sojal



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