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New Zealand Long Term Skills Shortage | Work to Residence

People of New Zealand believes that Life is for the living. As New Zealand has a wide range of visas depending on whether you want to work, study, invest or simply enjoy a visit. Choosing the best option according to your circumstances will depend on how long you want to stay.
Authorized Employers of New Zealand

If you have a job offer from the New Zealand employer, you can apply for a work visa for up to 30 months under the Talent Work Category. If you have worked for a New Zealand employer for more than two years you can apply for the permanent residence as well.
Authorized employers of New Zealand have to prove that they need skilled workers from overseas and they are financially viable, that they are committed to training and employing New Zealanders.
Skilled Migrant Category (SMC)

If you have skills, qualifications or experience that New Zealand needs then you can apply for a resident visa under this category. It is a basically pointed system based that depends on several factors including your age, work experience, qualifications, and an offer of skilled employment. You should be aged 55 or under, and meet English language, health, and character requirements.

There is two-step to apply:

1) First, you will need to complete an Expression of Interest and submit it to Immigration New Zealand by introducing yourself i.e. about yourself, your family, your skills and your experience.
2) If your Expression of Interest is accepted based on your points, Immigration New Zealand will send you an Invitation to Apply (ITA). You complete it and return it with your supporting documents and fee to apply for your residency.

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Jobs in New Zealand

More and more people from all over the world are migrating to New Zealand, but the question that needs to be asked is: are there jobs in New Zealand? If you are considering making the big move to New Zealand, the very first thing on most people’s minds is: “will I find a job in New Zealand?”

Although there are never any guarantees and nobody can ever guarantee you a job, it is going to be worth your while to learn everything you can about the job market in New Zealand.

Here you will find some helpful information about jobs in New Zealand, in addition to the job market itself.

Is it a good time to be searching for jobs in New Zealand?

The truth is that New Zealand’s employment market has never been better. Now is definitely a good time to start searching for jobs in the country, especially if you have the right skills. Since the global crisis, New Zealand’s job market has been going from strength to strength and is continuing to do so.

There are in fact many openings for specialists in various industries as well as various jobs available for skilled workers.

Are there many people from abroad working in New Zealand?

Yes, there are many people from all over the world living and working in New Zealand at this current point in time. Skilled migration accumulates for a big portion of the immigrants who arrive in New Zealand. One of the many reasons for this is due to the factor that New Zealand has a strong desire to attract skilled migrants from all over the world.

The GDP of New Zealand would actually suffer greatly if it did not have the correct amount of skilled migrants. A three year target has been agreed to and the amount of skilled migrants, which New Zealand needs to attract, is currently 150.000.

How do I know if I qualify under the skilled migrant’s category?

Fortunately for many people New Zealand offers a skilled migrants visa. Anybody can obtain this visa provided that they meet the right set of criteria’s and requirements. The criteria’s and requirements which you will need to meet are judged by means of a point scoring assessment.

What influences employment opportunities in New Zealand?

All the major metropolitan areas in New Zealand are currently experiencing sufficient economic growth, one of the biggest areas this applies to be Auckland, which is one of the busiest metropolitan areas in the country. The agriculture sector is doing well after the drought that took place in 2013 and therefore skilled workers are in demand.

The demand for highly skilled workers is continuously increasing. In general unemployment is lower in the South Island regions of New Zealand as opposed to the North. This is all in addition to the Canterbury rebuild which is constantly improving, that has created a demand for people who work within the construction and related industries.

What skills are in demand in New Zealand?

The good news is that if you are fortunate enough to be offered a job in New Zealand, which happens to be on the skills shortage list and you have the experience in conjunction with the qualification to match, then obtaining a working visa will prove to be naturally easier.

The New Zealand government has identified and acknowledged that employers in the country are required to recruit employees from abroad in order to meet the demands and needs of the skill shortages.

Some of the many skills in demand include: education, health, finance and more. However it is important to understand there are distinct categories of skill shortages. For example, there are skills which cover long term shortages, others which cover immediate shortages and others which cover Canterbury shortages.

What if my skills are not on the skills shortage list?

If your skills are not on the skills shortage list, do not despair as all hope is not lost. There are other avenues to explore and other ways to obtain a visa. For example, you could potentially be able to apply for residency as a skilled migrant.

Alternatively you may be able to apply for a work visa if you are successfully offered a job by a prospective employer who is unable to find local workers to fit the current job post.

What can I expect for the future of employment in New Zealand?

Although it is fairly impossible to accurately predict the future, the good news is that employment expectations for 2016 in New Zealand are looking very promising. Firstly the unemployment rate is expected to keep going down at a steady pace. By March 2016 it is safely estimated that unemployment in New Zealand will be falling below 5 percent.

There is a high expectation for skilled workers. In addition to lower skilled workers, it is predicted that there will be substantial demand in the food processing, accommodation, agriculture, construction and retailing industries.

It is further predicted that employment growth will be its strongest in the Auckland and Canterbury regions of the country.

If I want to work in New Zealand what should I do?

Even if you have a skill set which is in demand, it is important to be aware of the factor that this does not guarantee you employment in New Zealand. Although having a good skill set is a good place to start, it is still highly recommended that you obtain an assessment from a licensed New Zealand immigration advisor.

Obtaining an assessment is the best place to start because you will be able to see once and for all if you indeed qualify or not. The process of finding adequate employment can be deemed to have started from the moment that you conduct your first point based assessment.

Many people spend endless amounts of time and money making arrangements to move to New Zealand, prior to having an assessment done. In order to save money, time and energy it is always going to be fully worth your while to obtain an assessment by a fully licensed New Zealand immigration advisor.

Booking an assessment or finding out more:

If you would like to find out more about our services or book an assessment with us simply call us on +971 4 514 8289. If you prefer, you could instead send us an Email: Info@syncvisas.com


New Zealand Skilled Migration Category Process

The Skilled Migrant Category is a points-based system, for people who wish to live permanently in New Zealand.

Skilled Migration category picks out those candidates who are proficient in the following areas:

  •  Age
  •  Educational degrees
  • Skilled work experience
  • English Language

Process of New Zealand Visa you must follow this steps:

Assessing your eligibility

The first step to check your eligibility to apply for Skilled Migrat Visa,  New Zealand.

After making sure that you are eligible to carry on the process, you can move to the next step.

Submission of Expression of Interest (EOI)

Submitting EOI is an online process. You can conveniently submit your EOI along with fee and wait for your ITA.
An Expression of Interest allows the NZIS to assess your health, character, age and English language ability as well as other relevant information.

Receive an Invitation To Apply (ITA)

Those Expression of Interest that serves the purpose of New Zealand government in search of skilled personnel, receives Invitation To Apply (ITA).

If your New Zealand immigration score is 160 or above, you can certainly get an ITA without having difficulty.

The next step is to download the Resident application, filling appropriately and submit it with the fee asked.

If the NZIS approves your application, you will be granted a visa and permit for migration to New Zealand.

To check your eligibility of New Zealand Visa , complete our Free Visa Assessment today.

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How To Get Work Visa For New Zealand

New Zealand offers a wide range of work visas for the skilled and international workers. All are temporary, though some can lead to the residence. Relocating to work in New Zealand can be somehow complicated, and the process of moving your life to another country can often feel overwhelming. Its always recommend applying for a job first as you’re likely to need a job or job offer to support your application when you apply for a resident or temporary work visa in New Zealand. A job offer from a New Zealand employer can also increase the points your chances so that you will be eligible to claim when applying under the Skilled Migrant Category.

Check Is your job on a skill shortage list?
If the applicant has a job offer and his job is on the occupation list along with qualifications and experience, then the applicant can apply for work visa.

If a job is not on a skill shortage list
In this situation, the applicant can apply for an Essential Skills work visa, and your employer will need to provide some information that will demonstrate the efforts they put to hire New Zealand employees. Employers searching for the candidates to hire them in New Zealand but were unsuccessful to find a suitable New Zealand citizen or resident for the position can look to recruit migrant workers.
Work to Residence visas
There are two main types of Work to Residence visa through which you can work in New Zealand and then, after working in the job for at least 24 months, apply for a resident visa.
Long Term Skill Shortage
If an applicant has a permanent or long-term job offer in an occupation on the Long Term Skill Shortage List and your qualifications and experience match, Then applicant can apply for a Work to Residence Visa.
Accredited Employer
If an applicant has a long-term or permanent job offer from an Immigration New Zealand accredited employer you could apply for a work to residence visa.
Check your profession under the skill shortage list and start your application today. Get FREE ONLINE assessment to check your eligibility to apply for the New Zealand Visa or Contact Us.

Basic Tasks For Moving To New Zealand


Moving abroad and setting up a new life and career is like a gigantic task when it is looming ahead of you. It is super daunting. However, If you are planning on moving to New Zealand, it is actually a lot easier than you think. New Zealand is the best country to migrate because of its natural resources and beauty.
The are some important things that you need to do to when you’re moving to New Zealand
Getting a Visa
If you are thinking of moving to New Zealand for the first time, the very first thing is your visa. This might seem really obvious but if you don’t sort out your working visa before you arrive you will not be able to work. For more details about the New Zealand visa options check our website.
Get a proof of address in New Zealand
In the event, if you are staying in a hostel or hotel when you arrive at New Zealand, you will likely be able to get a letter from them to say that you are ‘living’ there. Prepared yourself for this and arrange all this before you arrive while you are preparing to move to New Zealand.
New Zealand IRD Number
In order to be paid by your employer, you will need an IRD number. This is used for all your tax, entitlement and personal details that Inland Revenue holds. This is a really important thing to sort out before you get paid for the first time because if you don’t you will be taxed at the highest rate of 45.
Get a job!
Finding the right job is totally relative to who you are, what you do, the visa you are on and what you want. Many people find the jobs before coming to New Zealand or are looking for employment in a specific field which means you will have specific places you need to look for your industry.
General advice about where to look to find jobs in New Zealand:
1. Job Agencies
2.Trade Me
3. Seek and many more…
SO… now you have a working visa and a job, this is where the fun begins. You need somewhere to live!

For any details on New Zealand migration and visa process get in touch with us and you can also check your eligibility for the FREE ONLINE assessment.

New Zealand Skilled migrant category Residence visa

New Zealand Skilled migrant category Residence visa

New Zealand is small island country located in the south-western Pacific Ocean. The capital of New Zealand is Wellington while the most populous Largest city is Auckland.

The majority of New Zealand’s population is of European descent; the indigenous Māori are the largest minority, followed by Asians and Pacific Islanders. Reflecting this, New Zealand’s culture is mainly derived from Māori and early British settlers, with recent broadening arising from increased immigration. The predominant language is English although Maori & New Zealand Sign Language is also followed.
Skilled migrant category Residence visa:

  • NZ Skilled migrant category visa is the residence visa granted for professionals skilled worker with intent to settle permanently in New Zealand country.
  • To apply under the Skilled Migrant Category New Zealand, applicant must meet the basic requirements.
  • Applicant need to be aged 55 or under.
  • Applicant also have to meet the NZ standards of health, character, and English language proficiency before start the process.


Most New Zealand permanent residents are eligible to become New Zealand citizens after a waiting period of 5 years residence. New Zealand Permanent residents enjoy many of the rights and privileges of New Zealand citizens, including voting and access to free or subsidized legal and health services and education scheme available by Government of New Zealand.
Benefits of permanent resident status include:

  • Unrestricted rights to live, work and study in New Zealand.
  • Children born in New Zealand will be New Zealand citizens by birth.
  • Right to apply for New Zealand citizenship after fulfilling normal residence requirements.
  • Domestic fees for education.
  • Right to access medical and social security benefit.
  • Right to sponsor relatives for permanent residence, subject to fulfilling residence criteria and assurance of support requirements.

Eligibility for New Zealand Skilled migrant visa
An applicant must meet at least 100 points to get automatically selected from the pool , where the selection process will be held every fortnight.

Points can be granted on various factors like applicant Age, skilled employment or Job offer from NZ, recent work experience in an occupation as per Long-term skills shortage list, Spouse Job offer, Spouse qualifications, Family or close relatives in New Zealand.

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New Zealand working visa holiday

New Zealand Working Visa Holiday


The working visa holiday in New Zealand is like a temporary placement in New Zealand. Now you must be thinking that what is this? The working visa holiday is an opportunity for those migrants who want to work on a temporary basis and then they can go back. Excited? You should be! This is the best opportunity for those who want to check if they can adjust in New Zealand or not? Is job that they are looking for suits them or not? Such questions can be answered easily with this trial period.

Before applying for the working visa holiday, it is really very important to know what the rules are for the working visa holiday and how does the visa process works? The section below is particularly focused on the rules of working visa holiday in New Zealand, so that there is no problem-

  • For this, the applicant should be an adult, i.e. the applicant’s age must be between 18 to 40 years only.
  • The applicant will have to give the guarantee that he will leave as soon as his visa has been accepted.
  • The applicant should have a valid passport and he should be the citizen of the recognized country.
  • The applicant will have to give a medical test also in order to show that he is physically fit for the job.
  • The applicant should also have the medical insurance of him during his stay in New Zealand.
  • One important thing is that the applicant should not have granted visa of any kind from the New Zealand before.
  • Once all these major requirements are fulfilled, the applicant will not face any kind of problem.
  • The visa provides the facilities like New Zealand Skilled Migrant Visa, New Zealand Work Experience for Visa, New Zealand Visa Requirements, New Zealand Visa Application, New Zealand Visa,


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