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Apply to Get Your Canada Study Permit | Study in canada as an internaional student

Canada Study Permit

Canada Study Permit

Canada Study Permit

Canada, being one of the 1st world countries, boasts of a very structured and sound education system with institutions that has won many academic awards. The institutions in Canada are acclaimed for producing world class students who can fit in and do well in the business and academic sphere. For students who are foreign nationals, who intend to either start their education or further their education in Canada, a Canada study permit visa is required.

This type of Canada visa is a Canada Express Entry visa as there is no need for placing the applicant in a pool system such as is done in Skilled Migrant visas.

To submit a valid Canada Visa application for Study permit, the applicant will be required to first have an admission in a recognized institution in Canada. The letter of admission must be provided together with proof of funds that will be enough to take care of the applicant throughout their stay in Canada. These are standard Canada visa requirements for obtaining a study permit, without which, the application will be disqualified.

Upon successful application, the applicant is free to migrate to Canada. Depending on the course that is being studied, the visa should have 3-4 years multiple entry. During this tenure, the student can bring in family members to visit but they can’t stay for more than the tenure of study. The visa also allows the holder to work with a 3 year work permit in Canada. With this, the visa holder can look for job within Canada if they so desire to stay. If the applicant gets a job and decides to stay, an application for permanent residence can be submitted.


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