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Provincial Nominee Program for Canadian Visa | Manitoba, Ontario and Alberta PNP

Provincial Nominee Program Visa

Canada Provincial Nominee Program Visa

Canada Provincial Nominee Program Visa

The provincial Nominee Program Canada visa has been designed specifically for migrants who:

  1. Have desirable skills and would not mind working in Canada while using these skills
  2. Entrepreneurs who would not mind investing in a business in a particular region of Canada.

If you are in any of the above categories, then this Canada Skilled Migrant visa is designed for you. That means you can go ahead and submit a Canada visa application and get considered for a visa. Currently, many regions in Canada are accepting applications from individuals who may want to work or start up a business in their regions. The regions include:

  • Manitoba,
  • Yukon,
  • New Brunswick
  • Quebec
  • Prince Edward’s Island
  • Saskatchewan
  • British Colombia; and
  • Northwest Territories

The district of Manitoba in Canada is in dire need of skilled workers. It is a lot easier to Migrate to Canada when there is dire need for your skills rather than when those skills are not really needed again.

To qualify for the Provincial Nominee Canada visa, you need to have fully satisfied the following Canada Visa requirements:

  • You must have proof of ownership of the business you want to start or must be in the senior management level of the business
  • You must have proof of funds that is required to start up the business. You must note that each region has specific amounts required for business startups. Depending on the region where your business will be, you should have this amount in full.
  • You must provide a full business plan for the business you want to start up
  • You may be required to meet with the government officials of the region where your business will be established.
  • You will be required to participate in the business management day to day.
  • You will be required to deposit a certain refundable cash which will be in the bank for up to two years. The amount of this cash is dependent on each province’s requirement.

Once the above Canada visa requirements are fully satisfied, your visa will be issued and it comes with amazing benefits such as:

  • Eligibility to start your own business
  • Bring in your family members to work and study in the region where your business is established
  • Own a valid Canada work visa
  • Eligibility to apply for Citizenship in Canada

To Apply for a Canada visa please proceed by completing our Free Visa Assessment Form.

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