Important things you must know before moving to Canada

Canada is the second largest and one of the most diverse countries in the world. The country targets to admit one million immigrants, who can contribute towards the development of its economy and society, between 2017 and 2020. Vast opportunities and high standards of living have turned Canada into a dream destination for immigrants. But the Canada migration aspirants must do a thorough research about Canada and the life there, before taking the big step of moving to Canada. Newcomers might find life in Canada tough at least for the first few months. According to Canadian government’s statistics, new immigrants

Which Country Is Easy To Get Permanent Residence?

Depending on nation’s rules, a permanent residency visa generally solves most of the day-to-day issues expats face. Becoming a citizen of another foreign country – especially if it means renouncing your own, rather than taking on dual nationality – is a profoundly serious step. But still, there are some countries which offer free citizenship easy work permit and permanent residency compared to other countries. Belgium If you live in Belgium for five continuous you will automatically be given permanent resident status. Being a permanent resident of Belgium gives you the many of the privileges and rights of a Belgian citizen,

How to apply for Australia visitor visa from India

Australia is a favourite destination to visit on a Holiday or to meet your friends and relatives for a short period. It is the 6th largest country of the world and thus, has lot to offer in terms of travel destinations, leisure, work, and residing purposes. A lot of efforts have been put in by the Australian government to make country more beautiful by enhancing its infrastructure and technology to attract more number of visitors to come and visit Australia. Therefore, if you want to visit Australia, you must know the right category of visa to apply for! Australia Visitor

Why Study in Germany

Germany is the most popular destination among international students in the world. Germany is an attractive place to study and German university degrees are highly respected by employers worldwide. There is a decent international community studying in various German universities. There are many reasons why a student finds Germany to be the ideal foreign destination for higher studies. Education Facilities The country’s higher education framework is divided into two types of universities : Public and Private.  Public are state-governed and Private  are governed by independent organizations. The only difference between them lies in their funding structure and the fact that

How to get Australian Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189)

Nowadays Skilled workers select Australia as their immigration destination because it offers the vast working opportunities. How to apply? To apply for the Australian Skilled Independent Visa 189 you must check whether your occupation is listed on the Skilled Occupation List (SOL). If your occupation is on the list, you may proceed further. Skilled Independent Visa is a permanent visa which allows an applicant to live and work anywhere in Australia for indefinite period of time. Australian Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189) Basic Requirements: Your age must not be more than 49 years. Should clear health and character checks. Must

Canada Lifts Travel visa for UAE nationals

Now, The UAE passport has another feather as it is one of the world’s most powerful passports. The Canadian government has lifted the pre-entry visa restrictions on Emiratis traveling to that country. Canada is the ninth country this year to lift visa restrictions for UAE nationals following countries such as China, Ireland, Burkina Faso, Uruguay, Guinea, Tonga, and Honduras. Citizens of the UAE can now obtain a visa on arrival when visiting Canada. The UAE nationals who study or work temporarily in Canada need to apply for a study or work permit as the new rules apply only to visitors

Skilled Permanent Immigration Visa to Canada

There are plenty of work opportunities for the dedicated individual that can be found in Canada. One of the primary goals of Canadian immigration is to welcome skilled workers who will contribute to the country’s growing economy. Skilled workers who become permanent residents are valuable not just to the country’s economy, but also to the strength of its workforce. If you are thinking of becoming a skilled worker here, here are some of the crucial things you must know about applying for a skilled permanent immigration visa. Key Benefits of a Canadian Permanent Resident Visa Once you successfully receive a Canadian

New Zealand Long Term Skills Shortage | Work to Residence

People of New Zealand believes that Life is for the living. As New Zealand has a wide range of visas depending on whether you want to work, study, invest or simply enjoy a visit. Choosing the best option according to your circumstances will depend on how long you want to stay. Authorized Employers of New Zealand If you have a job offer from the New Zealand employer, you can apply for a work visa for up to 30 months under the Talent Work Category. If you have worked for a New Zealand employer for more than two years you can

Jobs in New Zealand

More and more people from all over the world are migrating to New Zealand, but the question that needs to be asked is: are there jobs in New Zealand? If you are considering making the big move to New Zealand, the very first thing on most people’s minds is: “will I find a job in New Zealand?” Although there are never any guarantees and nobody can ever guarantee you a job, it is going to be worth your while to learn everything you can about the job market in New Zealand. Here you will find some helpful information about jobs

New Zealand Skilled Migration Category Process

The Skilled Migrant Category is a points-based system, for people who wish to live permanently in New Zealand. Skilled Migration category picks out those candidates who are proficient in the following areas:  Age  Educational degrees Skilled work experience English Language Process of New Zealand Visa you must follow this steps: Assessing your eligibility The first step to check your eligibility to apply for Skilled Migrat Visa,  New Zealand. After making sure that you are eligible to carry on the process, you can move to the next step. Submission of Expression of Interest (EOI) Submitting EOI is an online process. You