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Skilled Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 489) for Australia | Sponsored Migration

489 Provisional Sponsored Skilled Migration Visa

489 Provisional Sponsored Skilled Migration Visa489 provisional Sponsored Skilled Migration Visa when granted to an applicant will allow the visa holder to live and work in Australia for up to maximum 4 years. This type of visa is for applicants who are skilled and qualified to be able to live and work in region in Australia.

2 Type of Provisional Sponsored Skilled Migration Visa

The Invited Pathway
The Extended Stay Pathway

For this, you must hold a provisional visa in subclass either 475, 487, 495 or 496. For the family members who are included in your application, they must have a family member who is a visa holder already of subclass 489 or any of the subclass above.

For Invited Pathway Visa

You can apply for the visa if invited:

Applicant must be nominated by an Australian State or Territory government agency or have been sponsored by an eligible family member living in an Australia region

Applicant must be nominated for an occupation that is relevant in the skilled occupations list
Applicant must be suitable and pass the skills assessment for the occupation
Applicant must be below 50 years old
Must reach the points specified in the letter of invitation
Must be English language competent
Steps in Obtaining a Provisional Sponsored Skilled Migration Visa
Skills Shortage List

First step is to determine if your occupation is in the shortage list of Australian Consolidated Skills List. You must be in the list to be able to apply for Skilled Migration Visa. Most of the occupations have a wide range of skill levels as well as trade occupations.
2) Points Assessment
Once you have determined your occupation in the shortage list, next step is to reach at least 50 point to qualify. Actual number of points needed is 60 points but under this type of visa class, applicant will receive a default 10 point as applicant has been nominated by the state or a relative in Australia. Points are calculated based on your age, work experience, your occupation as well as your English proficiency.

3) Skills Assessment

Third step is the skills assessment where in we will check if you have met the requirements for the nominated occupation based on your educational background and work background. This will confirm that you have all the skills needed for the specific job in Australia.

4) State Application

next step is the process of  making a state application in any region in Australia (listed) which are open and accepting applications or where your family members are residing. It usually take 1 region per nominated occupation where you are free to choose which region your prefer to reside.

5) Expression of Interest (EOI)

Second to the last step is the submission of your Expression of Interest or EOI to the government agency. This is the preliminary step of the application. You will need to wait for the main invitation letter from the Australian government agency to apply for a Skilled Migrant Visa and the decision is usually takes up to 3-6 months.

6) DIAC Application

When you receive the main letter of invitation, we will then apply for your temporary residence visa.

What are the Benefits of this Skilled Migrant Visa
Permanent Residence visa granted for 5 years
You will be Able to apply for Australian citizenship 3 years after
You can sponsor dependents or relatives
You can live and work in any region in Australia
You will be eligible for medical care or healthcare
You can enroll and study in Australia
Your family can migrate to Australia

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