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Australia's Skilled Visas | Lists of eligible skilled occupations

Australia Skilled Migration Visa

Australia Skilled Migration VisaAustralia is one of the top places when it comes to career opportunities. In terms of employment, it has one of the top employment rates in the globe, averaging 72 per cent, only half a mark short of top 10 spot-holder Canada. Career opportunities are in very much on demand, with skills shortages being a present situation in many professional and trade sectors, opening the door for foreign professionals to come into the country and find work on a long-term basis through work visas. Eventually, workers often decide to settle through a permanent employer-sponsored visa.

In addition to abundant career opportunities, Australia is considered one of the best places to work and live, according to the Better Life Index, developed by the Organisations for Economic Co-operation and Development.

According to the survey, Australia ranks as one of the top when it comes to social rank factors such as health care, civic engagement, housing and career satisfaction and fulfillment.

In terms of education, more than 70 percent of the professionals have finished secondary education successfully ranging from 25 years of age to 64 year old. In terms of health, people living in Australia have more life expectancy rate that is 2 years more than the OECD average.

More and more professionals are thriving to work and live in Australia given the benefits it offers to its residents. If you are a skilled professional and is qualified, Australia is one of the countries you may want to migrate to and eventually settle down.

How Sync Visas can Help You

Sync Visas can help you work and have a great life in Australia. we have a team of Immigration Professionals who will give you personalized assistance and customer service in applying for Australia Visa. We have a number of successful Australia migration applications and it is one of our top performing destinations. Most of our clients are professionals working as engineers, doctors, specialists and many more.

Australia’s rules and regulations for immigration is highly specific and Sync Visas can help you work on your application for a possible Australia Work Permit. Our Immigration Professionals are up-to-date to the current laws and rules and regulations of Australia to make it easier for you to apply for an Australian Visa. We will guide you from the right way of filling forms, submitting applications and specific requirements.

Occupations Needed in Australia

Australia’s economy is very strong making it in need of skilled workers to keep up with the growth of the economy. Australian Immigration has listed some of the occupations needed in the country. Occupations such as Accountants, Engineers – can be mechanical engineers, civil engineers, landscape engineers, aeronautical engineers, electrical engineers, marine engineers, safety engineers, petroleum engineers, network engineers, food engineers, manufacturing engineers, forestry engineers, industrial engineers, automotive engineers, computer engineers, geological engineers, materials engineers, constructions engineers. As well as registered nurses, practical nurses, licensed nurses, doctors, surgeons, general practitioners, radiologists, geologists, pharmacists, chemists, professors, teachers, lecturers, managers, bank managers, marketing specialists, marketing managers, general managers, project managers, sales managers, graphic designers, systems analysts, IT Managers, IT Specialists, HR managers, HR specialists, Operations Managers and more.

Nurse jobs in Australia are one of the in demand at the moment as well as Banker jobs. Talk to our Australian Visa Consultant today to know more about your options and qualifications. We have professional and well-experienced Consultants for Australian Immigration. Inquire about Australia 190 Visa today for Free.

To know the full list of occupation listed in the Australian Skilled Migration, contact Sync Visas Immigration and Visa Consultants.

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